Easyskinz : are they living up to their hype?

October 20, 2018

by — Posted in Tech

Verging on new inventions, have you heard of Easyskinz? If you have, you would not be the first to seek out their wondrous and unique range of colors. Safe to say, among the products that do not fail to deliver, Easyskinz too have managed to sweep us off our feet.

They are delightfully robust and easy to put on; such that even the not-so tech savvy individuals can own a phone that is sure to turn heads. It is simply remarkable.

An iPhone 7 (Product RED) wearing their Chameleon Avocado skin.

Covering both sides of the phone, it serves as an added layer of protection. The style are just plus points! The skins are skillfully crafted leaving pockets for sim card, volume and power buttons as well as for the flash and camera. The material is an adhesive that will stick to your phone like a turtle’s bite, and as you can see, the skins do not obstruct the use of regular iPhone cases for those with butter hands.

An iPhone 7 PLUS wearing their Chameleon Aubergine Bronze.

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