10 Weirdest Sports

  1. Wife Carrying Some men complain about getting their wives off their backs — but not in this sport. Originating in Sonkajarvi, Finland, wife carrying is a sport in which male competitors race to carry their wives through an […]

10 interesting facts about Basketball

  1. In the very beginning of basketball, the color of most basketballs was brown, but lately, it’s more common to see an orange basketball. The first company to produce a basketball for official use was Spalding, and they have […]

Facts about the Game of Pool

  1. Billiards evolved from a lawn game similar to croquet played sometime during the 15th century in Northern Europe (probably in France). 2. The term “poolroom” now means a place where billiards is played, but in the 19th century […]

10 amazing football facts

  1. Mark Hughes once played for Wales and Bayern Munich in the same day Hughes had just signed for Bayern and was due to play for Wales against Czechoslovakia in Prague in a Euro ’88 qualifier. “I had dinner with Uli Hoeness who asked […]