10 Fun facts about aging

  1. Let’s start off simple. Since 1960, life expectancy has increased by three and a half years. 2. Your creative capacity doesn’t shrivel away in the slightest. Take philosopher Emmanuel Kant for example. He published what are arguable some of his greatest […]

Facts about Cancer

1. Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. ​There are over 100 types of cancer. And any part of the body can be affected. 2. Tobacco use is the single largest preventable […]

Secrets on how to get rid of scars

1. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil If you have experienced an injury, such as a cut, laceration or burn, keep the area moist and covered while it heals. You can use raw shea butter or coconut oil to keep the wound moist. […]

10 weird gym facts that might surprise you

The size of your bank balance influences your gym habits The healthcare charity Nuffield Health found that people who earned big incomes were likely to go to the gym more than those gym members on low incomes. The study of 1,600 participants […]

6 popular types of meditation

Mindfulness meditation Mindfulness meditation originates from Buddhist teachings and is the most popular meditation technique in the West. In mindfulness meditation, you pay attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You don’t judge the thoughts or become […]